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Gadget Guide: Home Gadgets for Gifting This Wedding Season

Our Roundup Of The Prefect Gifts For A Gadget Freak For This Wedding Season

If you thought gadgets are only for the home office or your pockets, think again! There are so many options available today that can easily fit into the less ‘geeky’ areas of your house. Our gadget guide for home is a brief tech review for all your gifting requirement this wedding season!

Fir the Living Room: Photo Frames

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Photo frames have been digital for a while now. They are stylish and tech smart. Yes, you can get these easily at all electronic stores, but what is a wedding gift that’s not a little extravagant? It is okay to splurge on digital photo frames especially for the ones that are wireless. To begin with, a wireless digital frame obviously provides you mobility. If placed at an accessible area, a wireless digital photo frame will let your friends and family add their own photos to your screen show from anywhere in the world. Additionally, if it makes sense for you, the se frames can also be used to showcase information like weather and news feeds.

A few recommendations:

HP DreamScreen ($200 to $250)

eStarling TouchConnect ($200)

Toshiba Digital Media Frame ($180 to $230)

Kodak EasyShare ($100 to $230)

IPEVO Kaleido R7 ($150)

For the Bedroom: Solar Lights and Lamps

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With time, solar-powered lights are gaining worldwide acceptance and becoming another essential for your house. More and more solar lights are now designed to fit into any part of your room unlike prototype designs that had a cord protruding from the base. These lights or lamps will have to be placed in an area where it can get enough sunlight during the day. As with everything solar powered, the user needs to be extremely patient with the charging process. For instance the Can You Imagine LED solar Lamp from that retails at $17 takes about 9-12 hours to charge completely. It then uses this charge to power the LED bulb that can be lit up to slightly lesser span of time than that, approximately 3-6 hours. However, it is important to note that this light comes to you free of cost and you can be proud to do your bit in conserving energy by gifting a green energy gadget!

A few suggestions:

Can You Imagine LED Solar Lamp ($17 at

Sunnan Work Lamp ($20 at Ikea)

Smart Solar Powered Table Lamp ($80 at Amazon)

For the Kitchen: Cool Appliances

There are literally thousands of cool kitchen gadgets that you can choose from to gift to newlyweds. 

Starting with coffee machines, some of which can be really fancy and intimidating, there is a whole range to look at! Keurig machines however, have made a name for themselves that is tough to compete with. Basically, any coffee machine that used ‘pods’ can be pretty good. All one has to do is fill the reservoir with water, throw in a coffee pod and place a cup underneath the spout. All that’s left to do then, is to press the button and you will get almost-instant coffee that possibly tastes better than any instant coffee. To clean up, throw the empty pod away and that’s done!

If you know a germophobe or someone with OCD about cleanliness is getting married, you might want to look at touch less faucets that are available in the market today. Touch less essentially cuts down the need to touch with hands. You still have touch these things to get anything done but one is able to control that by using wrist, forearm, and elbow- but not hands.

A few suggestions:

Keurig Brewing Systems ($90 to $250)

Delta Touch2O Faucet ($400)

Have anything to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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