Saturday, 29 July 2017

The Useful August Smart Lock with Amazing Features

I always had problems in keeping the keys of my doors safely. I have lost the keys of my main doors many times and when I used to return home before my wife’s return from her office without the keys I had to stay outdoors for long time. I came to know about August Smart Lock from the latest Gadget Guide. When I read about it in updated Gadget Guide, I could not believe myself that a device could have been invented one day that can allow you enjoy smart home access solution.

A few days back I ordered it from the online store. It is such an amazing product that helps me not only keep the bad guys away from my home but also let my friends and family to come inside my house even when I am not available at home with my knowledge. I have kept it in the front door and I can always control it right from anywhere with my smart phone.

But with this AUGUST Smart Lock all these kinds of wariness are gone forever. Now my smart phone is my key. With the help of August Smart Lock I and my wife can now keep track of who comes and goes of our house.

Thanks to gadget guide and tech review for updating me that such an incredible device is present now in the domestic market. I never fumble for keys now. It automatically unlocks my doors when I or my wife approaches the door. You can turn on or off whenever you want. It gave us a peace of mind.

I can keep track of people entering and making exit from my home 24 x 7. You can have some unique eyes for each user and you will come to know who have entered your house and when he has entered and has made exit.

AUGUST Smart Lock comes with a free August Home App. This app will allow you to create keys, grant access, view the activity log, etc. from you smart phone itself. It’s very simple to use as well. You will receive instant notifications. When there will be someone in front of your doors that are locked with AUGUST Smart Lock, you will receive an August Doorbell Cam alert which let you see and even speak with the person from your smart phone. No matter wherever you are, you will always stay alert.

AUGUST Smart Lock looks sleek and stunning in design. It’s very easy to install. You will be provided with the installation videos at the time of buying the product. One important feature is that this lock always remains on. Although it is powered by batteries but it still remains on even when the power or cable or Wi-Fi is down. So you don’t have to worry about anything. It’s just amazing.

I will recommend everybody to buy this product because in today’s lifestyle it’s become very important to keep track that who has access to your home and how long their access lasts.

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